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Joe Hofferth

Munster Town Council Ward 2 Candidate

Munster native & resident of over 50 years

St. Thomas More & Bishop Noll HS Grad

Completed undergraduate studies in biology at Purdue University

Earned Doctor of Chiropractic from Palmer College


Owner/licensed practitioner of Hofferth Family Chiropractic in Munster since 1995

Member of International Chiropractors Association 

Member of Palmer College Alumni Association

Member of St. Thomas More Church


Active member of St. Thomas More Garden Club


Volunteer at St. Anne's Catholic Church (Choir/Garden Club)

Member Munster Lions Club

Former Munster Babe Ruth Baseball Coach

A hands-on leader who understands Munster.

Dr. Joe Hofferth has been a Munster resident all his life.  He has watched his hometown grow and evolve from a little hamlet of factory workers and farmers, into the diverse, professional community that it is today.  Joe knows that Munster's stellar reputation was cultivated by design, and the excellent quality-of-life we enjoy is no accident.  Every Munster resident chose this town for the same reasons: safe neighborhoods, excellent schools, high property-values, and outstanding municipal services.  Joe shares your priorities and is dedicated to maintaining and restoring those high standards.  The only way to continue the long-standing tradition of the Munster way-of-life is through the same common-sense leadership and thoughtful planning that created it.  Joe believes Munster residents should always come first and we deserve nothing less.

Joe and his fellow Republican Town Council Candidates recognize the significance of what it means to be your elected representatives; it means, they work for you.  The Munster Town Council exists to serve the taxpayers who fund it.  It's that simple.  Joe and his running-mates have spoken with literally thousands of residents and business owners, to understand what's most important to Munster.  These conversations revealed 8 topics as most significant, with public safety emerging as the very highest priority. 

In July, the Munster Fraternal Order of Police endorsed the candidacy of Joe and the Munster Republican team, for their practical solutions and commitment to public safety.  Munster's law enforcement community agrees that this is not the time for trendy and untested ideas or policies.  In today's world of societal upheaval and uncertainty, it is critical that Munster is protected and preserved.  Joe is an integral part of the team that will work for you and your interests.

On November 7, we must ELECT JOE HOFFERTH!

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